The Best Skirt For Your Body Type

We’ve already shown you how to choose the right pants, but with summer quickly approaching it’s time to find a flattering skirt for the warmer days ahead. From minis to midis, it’s difficult to know which fit flatters your unique body type the most. Ahead, browse our shoppable guide to discover the shape that’ll serve you best this season.

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Superchic Skirts

You have: a straight, boyish frame with minimal curves and your bust, waist and hip measurements are similar.

Look for: ruffles to add texture and feminine flair to your linear figure.

You have: a short stature of 5'4" or under.

Look for: mini skirts with a flared silhouette to elongate the legs.

You have: shoulders and hips that are similar in size with a small waist and bigger bust.

Look for: elevated pencil skirts that skim your frame and highlight the hips to even out the chest.

You have: hips that are wider than your shoulders with fuller thighs.

Look for: full A-line skirts to accentuate the waist and balance out your bottom-heavy bod.

You have: a long vertical frame at 5'7" or taller.

Look for: midis with asymmetrical hems to adorn your long stature.