Style Rules

by Aaron Aragonez

Do you have what it takes to put together a mah-jor outfit under pressure? Watch and learn from the fashionable participants on my new web series, Style Rules! With the help of LG’s chic new Marquee phone, I challenged two fashionable friends in different cities around the country to a style showdown. The results? Next level! Tune in to see! Featuring six fabulous episodes total (launching now through November 3rd), Style Rules puts budding fashionistas to the test to see who can style the most ba-na-nas look for various chic occasions. With a limited amount of cash and time—and a totally glamorous prize for the winner—the pressure is on! Watch the first episode now to witness the fashion feud unfold, and always play by your own Style Rules. xoRZ

Availability: Watch Style Rules now at Youtube.com/lgusamobile