6 Rachel Zoe Styling Hacks Every Woman Should Use

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Just because we aren’t regularly gracing red carpets doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to look and feel fabulous in our own lives. Utilizing a few professional styling hacks can help us achieve our own red-carpet moments, even when the gown isn’t couture nor the heels custom. Here, the basics every woman should know, straight from our editor in chief Rachel Zoe.

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Check For Transparency

"To ensure you aren't overexposing yourself, take a photo wearing your outfit in daylight, evening light and both with and without a flash. Check them carefully to avoid any inadvertent wardrobe malfunctions!"

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Use Topstick On Everything

"You obviously know to use double-sided tape to keep garments in place, but you can also use it to ensure jewelry stays put."

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Practice Your Pose

"Stand in front of the mirror and cycle through these poses to figure out what flatters you the most in your outfit: straight-on, three-quarter angle with one leg slightly forward, angled to the side or with your hands on your hips. Deciding what works best will guarantee you great pictures from the event."

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Beware Flyaways

"Fuzzy flyaway hairs get picked up by a camera flash and look disheveled in person. Before heading out the door, apply a drop of dry oil to your hands and pat down any stray strands."

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Match Your Makeup

"Make sure any exposed body parts (neck, shoulders and so on) match the color of your face."

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Avoid Chapped Lips

"Lipsticks can be dehydrating over long periods of time. Apply a dab of moisturizer or lip balm to the very center of your pout, avoiding the edges, to keep them hydrated without destroying your lip color."