5 Quick Fashion Fixes You Need To Know About

Are you constantly fidgeting with a tricky blouse you refuse to give up? Lucky for you, wardrobe malfunctions have officially become a thing of the past thanks to these life-changing fashion fixes.

Genius Styling Solutions

Levears Earring Lifts, $50-$175

Problem: Your earrings make your ears droop. Solution: Prevent sagging lobes by investing in a pair of these magical earring lifts. Levears attach securely to the post, keeping the earring upright and secure. Genius.

Commando Top Hats Nippie Concealers, $34

Problem: Bra straps don't go with party dresses. Solution: Keep your evening ensemble polished by ditching peekaboo bra straps in favor of these fuss-free nipple concealers. They're practically invisible, 100% reusable and stay put all night. We promise.

Bristols 6 Stylin’ Tape, $10

Problem: Your drapey blouse won't stay in place. Solution: Styling tape can be used to prevent separates from slipping and sliding. Avoid an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction by lining the inside of your blouse's neckline with a strip of double-sided tape and you'll be covered—literally—all night long.

Solemates High-Heel Stoppers, $10

Problem: Your stilettos sink into the grass. Solution: Ideal for spring weddings and other outdoor jaunts, these high-heel stoppers keep your stilettos from diving into the dirt or getting stuck between cobblestones. Why didn't we think of this?

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Lint-Removing Sheets, $5

Problem: There's lint on your black jeans. Solution: We like a formal dining experience as much as the next girl, but the annoying lint a white napkin leaves behind? Not so much. Keep these travel sheets handy at all times to avoid unsightly shedding.