5 Reasons A Mini Skirt And T-Shirt Should Be Your Summer Uniform

A woman in a white t-shirt, beige mini skirt and sunglasses with a yellow jacket draped over one sho...

You heard it here: A mini skirt and cotton T-shirt are about to become your ultimate summertime uniform. They make for a multitude of looks: sassy and sweet, sporty and ladylike, casual and elegant—all at the same time. While some might be apprehensive to take the shorter bottom out on many an occasion, a classic T-shirt makes it a little more low-key in vibe and appropriate for everything from the office to after-hours drinks, depending on how you style it. Consequently, a more dressed-up mini might just become that off-duty essential when paired with a vintage-inspired graphic tee or Breton stripe. This summer, we’re hiking our hemlines up and almost exclusively wearing a mini. While midis and maxis still take up a fair amount of real estate in our closets, ‘tis the season to embrace your legs. After all…your summertime tan isn’t going to last forever! Below, find five ways we’re wearing our mini skirts and T-shirts this summer, and why it’s practically become our uniform au moment. From the boardroom to the bar, allow these looks to inspire your seasonal style.


Make It A Mini

Take It Out For The Night

Just because you’re going out doesn’t mean you can’t opt for denim, aka your off-hours uniform. Choose a mini skirt made out of the heavy cotton weave in a charcoal or black shade and layer like a pro with a casual T-shirt, topped with a leather bustier for added flair.

The High-Low Equation

There’s no better mix of high-low fashion than a dressy mini skirt and vintage graphic tee. We love the juxtaposition between a retro skirt fit for a nighttime event and a more grungy top you might have stolen from your significant other’s T-shirt drawer. Paired with the right tailored accessories, and you've got the makings of an outfit you can wear all summer long.

The Coordinated Office Look

Don’t shy away from minis just because you’re headed to work, but you do need to make sure you style it appropriately for the setting. Consider a clean white T-shirt with a skirt suit for a modern take on the office look.

The Slightly Tailored Look

When you’re seeking a mini skirt outfit that is ladylike and tailored, but not over-the-top conservative, consider mixing prints and layering textures. We love a ditsy floral on the bottom and your favorite Breton striped tee on top. With a cozy jacket on top, this look will become your go-to through summer—and take you right into fall.

Just The Classics

When all you can dream of is off-duty denim, consider a mini skirt instead of a more covered pair of jeans. Especially come summer, it’s the perfect wardrobe essential when you’re looking for something sporty and feminine. For a no-fuss, go-anywhere look, grab your favorite bright white T-shirt and style it with other iconic accessories, like gold hoops and oversized sunglasses.