How To Nail An Interview Outfit, According To 5 Fashion Industry Veterans

by Coveteur

Is there anything more nerve-racking than the moment right before a job interview? Hundreds of thoughts are buzzing through your mind: How does my résumé compare to others? Is this the right fit for me? What questions should I ask at the end? Will I get hired? The whole situation is understandably stressful, even for the most experienced among us. But the last thing you should ever worry about is whether or not your outfit will give off the right impression—the impression that you’re an exceptional, responsible and worthy candidate.

Luckily, we have access to some incredible editors, managers and directors from both the Coveteur and Bustle offices who have learned exactly what makes them sit up and take note of a well-dressed applicant. With dozens of hires under their belts, as well as their own experience climbing the fashion ladder, they have some valuable advice for anyone in the midst of a job hunt.

Katie Becker, Beauty Director At Coveteur

“Most of the time, your best bet is well-cut pants and your favorite blouse. But thankfully, in fashion and beauty, everyone is on Instagram or at least well-photographed, so it’s easy to see the style of your interviewer and the rest of the office. That’s usually your best guide. Do they ever wear jeans to the office? Is it always dresses, dresses, dresses? Do they seem to love blowouts? Don’t straight-up copycat them, but wear your own personal look that seems to fit the vibe. Although I sense the return of the blazer, I’ve never worn one to an interview.”

Laurel Pantin, Editorial And Fashion Director At Coveteur

“The main thing I look for is that the candidate looks polished and thoughtful, but also comfortable. The daily grind of fashion is not glamorous (I wear sneakers and jeans almost every day), so I need to see that the candidate prioritizes their work over their ego—meaning no sky-high spiky heels, skirts they can’t walk in, tops they need to fuss with, etc. It’s a delicate balance between practical and stylish! When feeling extra stumped, a good flowy midi-dress or a nice pair of trousers and a button-down works perfectly.”

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