This Fashion Faux Pas Is Officially Trending, And We Love It

What was once a “fashion don’t” has quickly become a “definite do.” We often get so wrapped up in the idea of matching our clothes (not to downplay the monochromatic trend) that we forget the endless possibilities of a solid mismatched look. Mixing prints can provide the perfect balance of playfulness and sophistication—not to mention, it allows for some serious self expression through style. If you’re not sure how to go about mixing things up, try taking it slow with baby steps, like a striped pant suit paired with a leopard print shoe. You can also go full force by pairing a floral skirt set with a polka dot top. The best part? When it comes to mixing prints and patterns, there are literally no rules. Scroll down for outfit ideas inspired by some of the best mixers and matchers in the game.


Floral Prints And Polka Dots

The best part about this stylish combo is that you probably have both prints already hanging in your closet. The simplicity of a black and white polka-dot top, combined with a bright floral pattern creates the perfect balance. If you want to go the extra mile, add an on-trend embroidered tote bag to complete this epic ensemble.


Stripes And Checks

Who would have thought that a puff-sleeved striped top would pair seamlessly with checked trousers? Well, we think this look speaks for itself. Finish it off with a simple pair of white sneakers...your feet will thank you later.


Animal Prints And Stripes

This outfit is perfect for the fashion girl who just wants to dip her toes in this whole mix and match thing. While you may usually rock a white tee with your silky, animal print midi, a striped tank is an easy swap. Add a pair of loafers or pumps that will take this look pretty much anywhere you need to go, day or night.