How To Look Good In Every Photo


What’s worse than getting an alert that you’ve been tagged in a photo you’ve never seen? Let’s be honest, unless you’re taking serious notes from Gigi or Kendall, capturing a flattering pic of yourself can be a challenge. But wedding season is here (not to mention graduations and summer vacations), and so are a slew of Kodak moments along with it. To ease your camera-shyness, we’ve tapped three experts—our very own EIC Rachel Zoe, photographer Monti Smith and makeup artist Sarah Uslan—for styling, posing, lighting and makeup pointers. Here, how to look your very best in every snap.

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Photogenic Pointers

Wear Bold Colors & Tailored Pieces

"Bold colors and tailored pieces look best in photos. Also, go for clothes that don't bunch or gather. For example, if you're being photographed sitting down, unbutton a fitted jacket."

—Rachel Zoe

Chelsea Silk Culottes


Rachel Zoe

Mariska Off-The-Shoulder Top


Rachel Zoe

Embroidered Cotton Dress



Avoid Busy & Tiny Prints

"Stick to patterns that aren't too busy. Avoid tiny prints—they can strobe on camera. You should also stay away from bright white, as it tends to disappear with a flash, and shades of green and yellow, as they tend to bring out those tones in your skin."

—Rachel Zoe

Lilico Flower-Embellished Patent-Leather Sandals


Sophia Webster

Heels Are Your Best Friend

"A styling trick I love for looking taller is wearing the highest heels with the longest skirt or trousers. Also, a feminine heel always photographs the best. Platforms tend to look clunky."

—Rachel Zoe

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Be Mindful Of Your Arms

"You want to look casual, so hold your arm gently away from your body, but only slightly—you don't want to look like a chicken. Try positioning your hand—or even just a thumb—in your pocket."

—Rachel Zoe


Choose An Evenly Shaded Location

"Anytime that the sun is directly overhead, find a shaded spot to avoid squinty eyes and harsh shadows under the eyes or nose. In shadowed areas, try and position yourself to catch reflecting sunlight off a parked car or white building nearby."

Monti Smith, photographer


Try Sunglasses

"To break that aforementioned rule, if you're wearing shades, take a pic looking almost directly into the sun. If you raise your face into it with your eyes protected, you can get some amazing lighting."

Monti Smith, photographer


Know The Optimal Time Of Day

"The best time to get soft light from the sun is early morning or early evening. But a cloud layer at midday can act as a diffuser, making the light soft and even. No need to hunt for shadows."

Monti Smith, photographer

Choose Concealer & Foundation Carefully

"Two mistakes I often see people make are concealer that is too light under the eyes and foundation that has a high SPF. When a picture is taken with a flash, both can cause you to look washed out or make your face look way lighter than your neck and body."

Sarah Uslan, makeup artist

Translucent Pressed Setting Powder


Laura Mercier

Avoid Looking Greasy

"Make sure to use a powder to set your foundation, especially in the T-zone. I love Laura Mercier Translucent Pressed Powder for its texture and ease of application."

Sarah Uslan, makeup artist

Satin Kiss Lipstick in Velveteen


Olivia Palermo x Ciaté London

Opt For Classic Colors

"If you wear a signature bright lip every day, then rock it. But if it's your wedding, I suggest choosing a more classic shade, like a red. A stain or long-wear option is best so that it doesn't end up all over your guests."

Sarah Uslan, makeup artist

Make Your Eyes Pop

"Eyeliner and mascara are two great ways to bring out your eyes on camera. My go-tos are Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner in Black Ink, Charlotte Tilbury's Full Fat Lashes mascara and my Shu Uemura eyelash curler."

Sarah Uslan, makeup artist

Eyelash Curler


Shu Uemura

Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara


Charlotte Tilbury

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Blank Ink


Bobbi Brown