Style Resolutions Every Fashion Girl Should Make For 2017

Let’s be honest—it’s rare to accomplish every New Year’s resolution you make, but the annual tradition is still the best way to kick off January. Next to personal and professional goals, setting style-elevating intentions is important for us fashion girls. Thus, we’ve created a list of objectives that’ll only make 2017 more fabulous. Ahead, the resolutions to abide by for a chic year ahead.

Adam Katz Sinding

2017 Style Goals

We hate to break it to you, but pastel colors aren't exactly bold. We're talking scorching reds, punchy oranges and bright greens, which will be huge come spring as witnessed on the runways at Balenciaga and Céline. Shake up any drab, dark monochrome looks with electric shades.

We'd be completely hypocritical if we said not to invest in of-the-moment pieces, but we do encourage you to dole out more on timeless clothing and accessories. Versatility and classic silhouettes will complement come-and-go trends forever.

Speaking of trend pieces, proceed with caution and try not to purchase in excess. Shop with discretion and only walk out with standout items you absolutely love—in other words, don't buy just to buy. The lukewarm options will end up rarely worn if ever.

Finding a trusty tailor in your neighborhood is a crucial and often overlooked priority. Getting your ill-fitting, too-long garments adjusted and abbreviated to fit your body perfectly makes a world of difference. You'll end up donning your beloved pieces a lot more, and they'll appear more expensive.

Knowing which combination works best on you will save tons of precious time and money. When you're perplexed by what to wear or buy, you can always count on your go-to outfit for a stellar result you feel great in.

Instead of big seasonal overhauls, try going through your closet every month or two. This will streamline clutter and help you organize according to current weather and trends (bringing relevant items to the front). When space becomes limited, remember to swap out one piece—by storing, donating or selling—to make room for a new one.

For busy women with early call times, mornings are the most hectic. To alleviate stress and actually enjoy your cup of AM coffee, plan your outfit the night before. Peruse a style book or any of our curated outfit formulas for inspiration.