The Color Combos We’ll Be Wearing All Summer Long

A model in a pink denim jacket and purple pants

If you ever find yourself short on outfit inspiration, one of the most effortless ways to reenergize your wardrobe is with a fresh color combination. In other words, if you’re a creature of habit and reach for the same span of colors (or stick to a palette of neutrals), then consider introducing a few new hues to your look this summer. To get you started, we assembled three easy and creative ensembles employing fun pairings. Scroll down to shop your way to interesting and unexpected style for the season.


Chartreuse + Cargo Green

Nodding to the monochrome trend, this duo feels not only fresh but very easy to pull off.


Bubblegum Pink + Lavender

Worked when we were kids, works for us as adults.


Pale Blue + Camel Brown

This complementary pairing is flattering on all skin tones and likely is already in your closet. If not, shop our picks to test drive.