Fashion Tips We’re Tired Of Hearing Our Moms Tell Us

We love our mama’s, but sometimes, their fashion advice isn’t as on the pulse as we’d like it to be. No disrespect, moms have their favored aesthetic and we have ours (this writer in particular is always helping her mother push boundaries with her style). That being said, our moms like to bestow upon us a few nuggets of “wisdom” in terms of fashion tips that we’d kindly like to pass on. Ahead, find out what they are. Then, shop our picks for how we choose to challenge their advice. Sorry, Mom!

Billy Farrell/BFA.com

Sorry, Mom!

Luxe Cashmere Crew

“'Never wear grey, it washes you out and makes you look like a librarian.’ Maybe the only advice from my mother that I've never used, I have worn something grey almost on a daily basis because it is the most versatile neutral—it's timeless and it’s easier to look after than white.”

—Nicky Deam, VP of Content

Women's PR 23SV Eyeglasses

"My mom always says, ‘Take your glasses off for photos! Show your face!’. I freaking love my glasses and they've become such a part of my everyday style, so Mom…I love you, but no.”

—Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media

Georgia Pleated Floral-Print Silk Midi Skirt

“My mom and I are on the shorter side and she operates under the assumption that longer hemlines make us look even shorter. Incorrect! In my book, it’s midi hemlines, or bust.”

—Laura Lajiness, Contributing Fashion Editor

Air Max 97 Velvet, Nubuck And Rubber Sneakers

“My mom says I look like a 'geriatric on the run' in my dad shoes, but I refuse to part with them. Find me running my way to senior Bingo night in these Nike Air Max 97s!

—Aidan Macaluso, Social Media Manager

Floral Ruched Surplice Dress

"While my mom totally respects my personal style, she's always reminding me to spend a little less on clothes. I should probably listen, but instead I'll compromise and buy an affordable version of my favorite trend right now: a ruched dress for $20!"

—Lauren Black, Manager of Analytics & Insights, Content & Marketing

Dalida 100 Color-Block Satin Sandals

“My mom only owns flat shoes and whenever she sees me wear heels she doesn't understand how I can wear such uncomfortable shoes and tries to convince me to wear flats. I am 5'1"—heels are necessary.”

—Amy Lee, Contributing Fashion Editor

Jerome Lace Blouse

“My mom raised me on ultra-feminine vintage and retro silhouettes (think Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O and Lucille Ball), which I'm incredibly grateful for. My style has evolved into a version of this, but with a modern edge. On more than one occasion, when we've been shopping together, she'll find a particularly I Love Lucy-esque frock that she tries to sell me on. When I resist, she'll try to persuade me by offering to buy it for me. Now that I have a big-girl bank account, I can happily refuse and go for something more my speed.”

—Angela Melero, Managing Editor

Vista Studded Fringe Leather Jacket

“My mom's favorite thing to say about literally anything I'm wearing is ‘I used to have something just like that in the (insert applicable decade here).’ Sigh...if only she'd had the foresight to save said items so her future daughter could save some cash.”

—Natalie Mattozzi, Senior Video Producer