9 Pieces You Should Retire By Age 30

Being in your 30s has a lot of perks—you’re wiser and experiencing an exciting time in your career, all complemented by a developed confidence you wish you had in your 20s. Thus, hitting this milestone comes with the need to refine your sartorial arsenal. So if you’ve looked at certain pieces in your closet recently and questioned whether they’re age-appropriate or not, it’s a sign you should replace them with upgraded versions. And while we do encourage you to experiment with current trends, you should proceed with caution when building a core wardrobe that may include too many pieces characteristic of your college days. Ahead, our guide of suggested switches for an elevated wardrobe.

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Make The Switch


Trade in this casual one-piece for a tailored trouser jumpsuit that can be worn from the office to dinner.

Babydoll Dresses

This silhouette often reminds us of frocks we used to wear when we were 12-years-old. Instead, opt for a streamlined shift dress with flared sleeves for a touch of femininity.

Denim Overalls

While we love a denim overall for the weekend, we can't help but sometimes feel like a big baby in them. Swap for a pair of flared frayed-hem jeans—an updated take on an off-duty staple.

Schoolgirl Skirts

Mini skirts with wide pleats is reminiscent of school uniforms. Select an A-line option offered in elevated designs such as colored panels.

Peter Pan Collars

It's hard to pull off Peter Pan collars in our 30s unless you're Alexa Chung, but for us mere mortals it tends to look a little childish. Try an elegant blouse adorned with ruffles for a similar polished vibe.

Hot Pants

Let's be real—cheeks hanging out is never a good look. Stow away those booty shorts and choose a longer, tailored pair rendered in a charming pattern to don with a crisp shirt.

Bandage Dresses

Just as you've bid farewell to your club rat nights, say goodbye to the extremely tight minis with bandage panels. In lieu of the body-con, make the of-the-moment slip dress your new evening go-to—the epitome of sexy, edgy elegance.

Tight Crop Tops

While a crop top pairs well with high-waisted pieces, those that are too tight and short can make you look like you're trying too hard. Instead, switch to a longer, looser version that's off-the-shoulder for a pretty, fresh vibe.

Mary Jane Flats

We admit they are adorable, but perhaps more so on a little girl. Upgrade these flats for a more serious shoe with a pointed toe.