30-Second Style Tips Stylists Swear By

When you think of women with admirable style we’d venture to guess they all share one thing in common: a strong point of view. Regardless if their aesthetic lines up with yours, if their wardrobe and outfits feel curated, we bet there’s something (some call it je ne sais quoi, we’ll call it taste) that draws you to them. The secret to actualizing this type of look for yourself is all about your approach to styling, which brings us to the point of today’s post. We’ve found that the more quick and easy styling tips we have in our arsenal the more likely we are to feel confident in what we’re wearing. Furthermore, if it’s something that feels effortless — a shirt tuck, sleeve roll, necklace combination — we’re even more keen to seek it out. This is why we’re advocating for the 30-second style tip. What’s that? Just as it sounds. A style hack that takes half a minute or less to integrate into your look and pulls everything together into a nicely packaged ensemble. To help us think outside of the box, we tapped eight fashion stylists to find out what their secret styling weapons are. From a sleek hair accessory to the footwear choice you should make this fall, scroll down to find out what they had to say and shop our picks to try them out for yourself.


Instant Style

"I love to change the laces on sneakers (sparkly, neon, or animal print), they can really change the vibe of your footwear.” — Sarah Schussheim

"Wear a printed bodysuit, turtleneck, legging, or glove under your fall ensemble for a pop of eye candy and an added layer of warmth.” — Sissy Sainte-Marie

"When putting an outfit together, I like to mix feminine pieces with some more masculine ones. For example a satin slip dress with an oversized men's blazer creates an unexpected silhouette. Or a men's suit paired with some playful strappy heeled sandals for an interesting contrast.” — Sylvie Mus

“My go-to styling tip is to add a sassy pair of hosiery. A flash of color or a cool patterned pair worn with a mini skirt or even under a midi skirt is such a great finishing touch.” — Chloe Hill

"I love color and don’t think it should be limited to any season. Punch up fall neutrals with a pop of color in the form of a handbag, sneaker, or even a jacket.” — Courtney Madison

“One of the biggest fall/winter trends is layering. Don't be afraid to put three to five layers or even more on at the same time, and play with the texture, volume, and oversized pieces.” — Marina Ingvarsson

“Get yourself a black Western-inspired boot to toughen up dresses and skirts for fall (wear tight-less). Paco Rabanne has a great one to add to your wardrobe — it's the chic fashion-ized version of the classic.” — Ethel Park

“A metal barrette is my weapon of choice. Sylvain Le Hen is a favorite. Adding an architectural hair accessory does the trick in pulling a look together in a pinch! It also helps when you don’t have time to fully blow out your hair.” — Sarah Slutsky