3 Savvy Tricks For Breaking In Your Shoes

Though foot-friendly sneakers, slides and flatforms are big this spring, we’re still hopelessly drawn to certain styles that qualify as chic before comfy. A breaking-in process is inevitable, but no one should have to suffer for fashion (at least we don’t recommend it). Rather than let a new pair of heels, flats or sandals get the better of you, try these three quick tricks to ease the pain at little to no cost.

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Give Them A Break

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Wear Shoes With Socks

Whether you need to stretch a too-small pair or ease into a stiff style, wearing shoes with a pair of thick socks is a great way to break them in around the house. Blast the areas that feel most snug with a little heat from the hair dryer to speed up the process. Also worth considering? Wearing them with socks in public—it's a major trend for fall.


Fill With A Bag Of Water And Freeze

Hear us out. Often new shoes just need a few good wears before your feet can comfortably sink in. To eliminate the hassle, fill three quarters of a plastic bag with water, place it inside the shoe, place the shoe into a ziplock bag to protect it and freeze overnight. By morning, the water will have expanded and stretched out the new pair just enough for your feet to slide in with ease. If they're still feeling taut, try applying a little water and rubbing alcohol solution to the inside where the pressure persists, and wear around the house for 30 minutes.

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Go For The Cool-Girl Effect

While some may argue this could ruin your shoes, the easiest way to break them in is to not even bother doing it at all. Instead, just step on the backs like cool girls are doing this season for a fuss-free approach (and on-trend relief if they're causing you blisters). Of course, only certain styles are applicable here and we suggest only doing this a few times.