3 Perfect Outfits To Travel In This Thanksgiving

When it comes to travel attire, there is a fine line between cozy-casual and straight up sloppy. The key is to find a happy medium between the two so you are left feeling comfortable and looking fabulous. Whether you’re flying internationally for a holiday getaway or are driving down the street to meet the parents, we have assembled 3 fail-safe outfits to ensure you’re traveling and arriving in style this Thanksgiving. Read on to get tips on how to master the perfect looks for your Turkey Day adventures.

Adam Katz Sinding

On An International Flight

When taking an international flight, you want your suitcase to be as light as possible (as a means to avoid paying the overweight luggage fee.) We recommend wearing your extra-large statement coat on the plane to not only save you room in your suitcase, but to also make the joggers you're likely wearing a little more acceptable.

For A Long Car-Ride

Driving long distances can tempt you to wear the comfiest clothes you own, but your first impression when you step out of the car will be slightly (okay, definitely) lagging. Ditch your leggings for stretch-twill pants, and top with a comfy sweater-and-coat combo. Add in a sleek leather backpack and cute snow boots and you'll look like you just stepped out of the house.

When Meeting The Parents

Meeting the parents always provides heaps of wardrobe angst. If you are prepping for the big meet-and-greet but traveling for the occasion, opt for a jersey midi-dress and block-heel boots. The combo reads comfy and classy all in one.