How Street Style Stars Are Putting Comfort First at the Shows

A few seasons ago, a footwear trend started to not-so-quietly usurp the high heel standard. Editors, bloggers and models alike started to swap their sky-high platforms and delicate single soles for creepers, loafers, flat sandals and…sneakers? But what was then written off as a passing fad has become the new status quo. Sneakers are perfect for fashion week: They’re super-trendy, add a bit of height, often come in coveted limited editions and, best of all, feel great running from show to show. Of course, we’re not also seeing full cardio gear on the likes of our favorite street-style stars (yet). Sneakers deserve a bit of styling to look smart and are best when balanced with feminine skirts, bold colors and strong statement pieces on top. They’re not super dressed-up ensembles, but they’re not bound for Soulcycle either.

Zanita Washington’s stunning dress would blend into the crowd had she paired it with a pump or high-heel sandal, but with classic Nike trainers, her look stands out.

Photos: ImaxTree

This blogger’s structured dress feels relaxed and sporty with the addition of her Adidas Originals sneakers. Note how she 86’ed the laces to streamline the silhouette.

If you ever needed proof that sneakers can look elegant, here it is. A black pencil skirt and white silk blouse would be blah with a heel, but with a slightly chunky trainer, the combo feels completely fresh.

Not all sneakers have been scrubbed of color this week. This beauty added highlighter yellow Nike trainers to a black-and-white look—and got on all the best-dressed lists because of it. A super-short hemline keeps the look from veering into school uniform territory.

Even the ever-chic Miroslava Duma loves a sneaker moment. She completed her borrowed-from-the-boys look with blinding white Adidas Stan Smiths—clearly a fashionista favorite this season.