How Lily Collins Recharges The Late-Summer Crop Top

The ubiquitous crop-top trend is charging full steam ahead if not on one count alone: the fact that it’s blazing hot outside. Lily Collins, spotted on a particularly sweltering Los Angeles day, shows that a skin-baring ensemble can in fact be quite demure. Several factors prevent the look from falling into the overplayed festival-style territory often synonymous with a belly-baring look: The dainty print, midi-length skirt and structured, up-cut silhouette of the top add a level of thoughtful polish that reads more garden party than rave. Not gung ho on exposing your midriff à la Lily? The coordinated ensemble easily transitions into fall with the addition of a thin, mock-neck top and menswear-inspired brogues—proof that the trend has legs beyond the scorching-hot summer months.

Rock The Look For Fall