Spring Dresses For Every Body Type

Before you stock your closet with spring’s prettiest floral dresses, take a look at this guide and learn which styles work best for your body type. Flattering cuts, strategic pleats, and the right neckline can make the difference between looking cute, and looking drop dead gorgeous. So enjoy these under $200 picks, and don’t forget to check out the pieces we recommend having in your styling arsenal. Because we all know that spring is wonderful, but turning heads is even better.

Body Type: Pear-Shaped

Look for styles that have a fitted bodice and a pleated (or full) skirt so that your waist is the focal point.

Body Type: Pint-Sized

Short, printed shift dresses with high necklines look great on petite figures. Too many straps and whistles, combined with a floral print, run the risk of overwhelming a smaller frame.

Body Type: Ample Bust

Dresses with a structured bodice offer support without sacrficing style, while thin straps keep the silhouette from feeling matronly.

Body Type: Arm-Conscious

A dress with three-quarter-length sleeves is seductive when rendered in a body-hugging silhouette.

Body Type: Boyish

Add softness to your frame with a fluttery, tiered mini-dress. The subtle sweet-heart neckline and asymmetrical skirt add volume where it's needed.

Body Type: Tall

Taller figures look fantastic in a longer length, just make sure that the dress has a defined waist and a playful detail, like this backless dress.

Styling Kit

Everything from a rosy blush to a pair of lightweight shapewear shorts will ensure that you'll look fabulous from head-to-toe.