The Bold Spring ’15 Pants For Your Personality

Spring’s bounty of flares, culottes and wide-leg trousers is sure to make you feel like a cross between a babe and a boss, so we’re going to operate under the assumption you’ve already decided to buy a pair. But which style is perfect for you? Here, an option for every personality.

Add a vintage tee and '70s waves and watch the cute boys come running.

If Chanel is your spirit brand and French girls are your style icons, you need to buy these.

Music-loving ladies, your pair needs a print with personality. Don't be afraid to turn the volume up.

This streamlined style is a masterpiece for a discerning, artsy type.

If you're more of a dinner-and-cocktails kind of girl, make a beeline for this glamorous option.

You're a no-nonsense woman, so you need a no-nonsense pair of pants. And a virtual assistant.

Scare the living you-know-what out of people on the train, while simultaneously earning style points in your high-rise office.

If you bring one item on your jaunts to Paris, Morocco and Thailand, make it these versatile statement-makers.

Pair with buckle boots and a band tee, and be sure to take a selfie for your thousands of Instagram followers.

After you slip out of your wetsuit and grab a green juice, throw on these West Coast-cool pants and jump into your Prius.