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Chic Sporty Sandals That Shoe Snobs Will Love

Comfy and cool.

Susie Bubble in sandals

My track record with impractical shoes is a long one. I’ve stomped around hilly, sidewalk-less cities in vintage brocade mules, and teetered around New York Fashion Week in six-inch, pointy-toe stilettos. I’ve shoved my feet into too-small sparkly ballerina slippers and winced my way through the work day, and run six miles before slipping on stacked heel suede boots and stomping through the NYC subway system. But as I’m currently writing this story while nursing a nasty case of “peroneal tendonitis” (IYKYK) from too much walking/jogging and not enough foot support, it’s become clear: cushy, sporty sandals are my answer to a limp-free summer.

So does this mean it’s time to stock up on Tevas? Not so fast. While I certainly enjoy the old school hiking staple every so often (both the OG silhouette and one of the brand’s many fashion-friendly updates), it still feels a little too earthy-crunchy for my personal style, which rides a weird line between playful and elegant. Sure, I could go the extra mile to pair them with just the right high-rise, cropped pants, fitted sweater vest, and artfully scrunched socks… but I do not have the time to put that extra effort in every morning. I want a footwear option that does all the work for me.

Chanel’s cult favorite dad sandals (a luxe, quilted and brocade version of exactly what they sound like) certainly achieve just that. And thanks to cool fashion insider fans (see Eva Chen and TZR’s very own Hannah Baxter), I’m very much influenced to take the $1500+ plunge it costs to buy a pair — if I’m going to splurge, after all, it might as well be on something comfortable and chic. And yet there’s still a little voice in the back of my head reminding me that there has to be plenty of other, equally covetable options out there that are worth exploring first.

Enter, the on-point designs below, all of which would hold their own against the floatiest of hot weather dresses and also look amazing with rigid straight leg jeans. Sure they’ll also keep my aching feet comfy and supported while I’m on the mend, but this time I might not go back to my habits… well, at least not every day.

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