Sofia Richie Says Her Pre-Pandemic Style Was “Doing Too Much”

Her collab with sister Nicole is all about chill dressing.

When Nicole Richie launched her clothing line back in 2008, her focus was on bringing the spirit of ‘60s and ‘70s music into the modern wardrobe — a reflection of her own laid-back, bohemian aesthetic. But, it’s a new era — as her sister Sofia Richie’s first collaboration with House Of Harlow 1960 has arrived, bringing her modern street style sensibility to the established label.

To introduce the new collection, the duo spoke to TZR via Zoom, signing on from a plush, vaguely Moroccan room with the collection hung on racks behind them. Though 17 years apart, the duo is quick to admit that they swap clothes and have a deep admiration for one another’s style — teasing each other and laughing over their ability to wear the same thing in two totally different ways. In fact, the generational difference is part of what Nicole attributes to the collection’s success. “Sofia is young and on the street ... boots on the ground,” she explains. “It was very cool to watch her bring in these very current pieces that I probably never think to bring in on my own.” Adding that instead of collaborating on every piece together, they tackled ideas separately, then brought the final products together, figuring out which choices from both would make the tightest collection. “Nicole and I are two very similar people, but when it comes to fashion we have so many different ideas and there were so many things in this collection where I was like ‘this is not my specialty, this is yours, and vice versa. It was awesome to see us play off of each other and due to that fact so many different types of people can wear this collection.”

House Of Harlow 1960

The pieces, which range in price from $78-$228 and are available from May 10 on Revolve, are comfortable and easygoing, but still have the youthful edge that Sofia is known for. Crochet dresses, crop tops, and even tie-dye sweats offer the versatility that many shoppers are looking for now — the ability to feel dressed up without going over the top. Below, the duo share more on their personal styles, the collection, and what else they’ve been shopping for over the last few months.

How would you describe each other’s style?

Nicole Richie: Sofia is ... I don’t have the right language around it, but I think she’s super cool. She can get away with wearing things that I would look so nuts in, and when she puts it on it feels like she’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I think she’s got amazing street style, I find it… I don’t want to use the word trendy because I don’t like it, but I think it's very much now, I think it’s current, and young, and edgy, and cool.

Sofia Richie: I think Nicole’s style is very effortless and very timeless. I also feel like a lot of the things she can wear I can’t pull off but I wish I could. Everything she does is just chic, I don’t think you can really do any wrong. I’ve never seen you in something where I’m like ‘oh that’s basic’ or ‘that’s not cool,’ you always are on.

At this point in the pandemic, how are you getting dressed?

NR: You know it’s really funny, pre-pandemic, let’s say I’m taking my kids to one of their sporting activities I’d be like, “Oh I can just put on sweats and this is gonna be fine.” Whereas now I’m like, “I’m gonna put on jeans for this,” it just needs something else. Jeans are my big statement — that’s like “Ok I’m giving it to you, now leave me alone.” That’s what I’m bringing, that’s the difference in [if] I’m out or I’m home, but I’m not wearing heels.

SR: I slowly eased back into [dressing up]. During the pandemic, I looked back on all of my old outfits and I was like, “What could I be doing less of?” Because I feel like I’m doing too much.

NR: That’s how I felt because I look at myself pre-pandemic and that was just too much.

SR: My reentry is calmer. I want it to be easier and more me rather than trying to have wow moments all the time. But I have reentered ... I started going to dinners again, so that’s my big moment to shine and it’s not how it used to be. It’s just jeans and leather pants.

NR: Wait, is that your calm… the leather pants? Is that what you’re saying?

SR: Nicole!

NR: I’m just asking, like are you saying you used to be leather pants but now you are calm?

SR: I used to wear a full look with matching shoes. But I’ve learned how to play with things and dress it down rather than dress it up, up, up.

NR: I love a casual leather pants and white t-shirt moment.

I do think once it starts getting warmer, I am going to want to be in a little slip dress with sneakers or slides. I’ve been going through my closet and I’m like “oh, no no no ... I’m never going to wear that.” [But,] I just started getting my samples a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been so excited this [collection] is giving me the perfect re-entry into the world. It’s new and it’s fresh, but it feels very of the time right now.

House Of Harlow 1960

What is the last thing you purchased for yourself?

NR: I got this Bottega [Veneta] bag right before the pandemic and then I didn’t wear it anywhere. I’m obsessed with it. I’d been looking for a black bag and I just hated every bag for over 5 years. I finally found that one and I was so excited about it and then we stopped leaving our house so I am bringing out this bag, it’s seeing sunlight for the first time.

SR: I did a monster cleanout right before this reentry happened and I’ve been trying to slowly fill in all the gaps and because we’re slowly going into summer I’ve been getting a lot of summer clothes. Little slip dresses and sandals, just cute easy outfits.

House Of Harlow 1960

Do you ever borrow pieces from each other’s closets?

NR: When we are wearing each other's clothes, it's so cool to see the way that Sofia would put [an outfit] together and what she would pair it with which would be something so different from me. That’s part of the reason I was so excited to do this collaboration with her. I love how you put it together in such a different way and I think it really opened my eyes which was a great part of the process.

SR: That's so funny because when I see you get ready I’m like ‘why didn’t I think of that?’

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