Zara Just Solved This Major Shopping Problem

While online shopping certainly has its perks (like no crowds, less compulsive buys), chances are you’ve encountered the problem of selecting a size, only to discover the item is either too big or too small when it’s finally shipped to your door. This can be especially true for fast-fashion finds, which generally don’t follow a universal sizing standard. Luckily, affordable fashion house Zara just made your shopping woes a thing of the past: The mega-retailer recently introduced a new feature that allows customers to find the right size the first time around, using a tool you can adjust based on height, weight and fit preference. All you have to do is select the blue icon that posits “What’s my size?” and then enter your unique measurements and—ta-da!—you’ve found your fit. If you’re still questioning the process, you can further narrow the search with options that describe your figure (“flatter” versus “curvier”) and even your shape (“straighter” versus “wider”). Here’s to the future of online shopping!