8 Wardrobe Essentials For Tall Girls

Tall girls: Your model-like stature and mile-long legs elicit envy, but many aren’t aware of the challenges you face in finding flattering pieces that complement your height. Avoid fussing with overly short minis and ill-fitting tops by collecting foolproof staples that work with your lithe features. Ahead, shop 8 pieces every vertically gifted gal should have in her closet.

Billy Farrel/BFA.com

Embrace Your Height

Wide-Leg Jeans

Finding jeans that don't hit your calves can be difficult. Opt for flared denim, which should graze your feet at the right length without looking like they shrunk two sizes.


A gorgeous elongating jumpsuit is your type of LBD. Select a tailored option with a sexy plunging neckline for your next girls' night out.


A V-neck tunic brings attention to the center of the body rather than accentuating broad shoulders. The longline silhouette also complements a long torso.


Not a fan of heels? Luckily, you can wear flats without looking stumpy. Choose an on-trend option such as a lace-up variety with a pointed toe.

Trench Coat

Your height allows you to don longline outerwear pieces without drowning in them. Go for a belted modern trench that cinches your waist to balance out the length.

Maxi Dress

Take advantage of the fact that you don't need to get your long frocks hemmed. A slinky silk maxi rendered in a rich hue highlights your slender frame—layer it with a tight turtleneck or sweater for warmth.

Block-Heel Shoes

When you want a little additional height without towering over everyone in the room, a dressy block-heel sandal is your best friend.

Cropped Pants

With your long limbs, it's easy to pull off the cropped trouser without looking short. Style it with pumps and a button-down for the office.

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