New Line We Love: Pam & Gela

Shannon Davis

You may recognize West Coast designer duo (and BFFs) Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor as the creative forces behind their first fashion baby, Juicy Couture. For the spring ’14 season, the trend-minded twosome debuted their latest project, Pam & Gela—prepare to be obsessed.

A collection that focuses on the chic and easy nature of West Coast style and everyday wearability, Pam & Gela is one line you need to get familiar with. Check out our exclusive interview with Pamela and Gela for style advice, design inspiration and some insight on what’s to come.

Meet The Design-Savvy Duo

Photo Courtesy: Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor.

Design Inspiration

Shannon Davis

Dress Coming Soon

"Our inspiration for the collection is what we are dying to wear. Hamish Bowles said it best when he called it 'the perfect off-duty collection.' We love casual luxury that you can feel totally comfortable in but look chic and put-together in an easy, laid-back Cali way."

P&G's Collection Must-Haves

Shannon Davis

Top And Leather Track Pants Coming Soon

"We love the leather track pant and the hi low sweatshirt. Funny enough, we are both wearing it now! We wear our collection everyday."

West Coast Style

Shannon Davis

Lou Eyelet Dress, $245

"West Coast style is infiltrating the fashion world. For us, 'casual chic' is defined by tactile fabrications that are luxe and totally cozy yet kick-ass cool. We are all about the Cali culture and creating a collection that is ultra-wearable and completely rockin'."

On Growing The Brand

Shannon Davis

Dress Coming Soon

"We are always looking to create lifestyle shopping experiences that reflect the world of Pam and Gela. Additionally, an amazing website is in the works and accessories are in the pipeline!"

How To Add A Feminine Feel To Your Leather

Shannon Davis

Zip Detail Shorts, $145; Leather Jacket And Sweatshirt Coming Soon

"We like to pair hard and soft: feminine dresses with an army parka or a beat up leather moto and leather track pants with a soft, bohemian top."

On Working With Your BFF

Shannon Davis

Striped Sleeve Blazer, $495; Wool Shorts, $275

"Creating is the fun part, being together is the fun part, trying on clothes is the fun part. We have been doing this for so long that even the challenges become interesting problems to solve. During the hard times we take a deep breath and work it out. We also like to surround ourselves with a super-loving team that feels like family - we really have each other's backs. I know Rachel does that, too."

Reinventing The Sweatpant

Shannon Davis

Lace Shoulder Sweatshirt, $245; Lace Sweatpants Coming Soon

"At the end of the day, comfort is king. When you're comfortable, you feel confident and chic. The West Coast tribe loves comfort while still looking dressed and put together. That is the heart and soul of Pam and Gela: off-duty cool clothes you want to wear everyday."

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