5 Ways To Wear Overalls As An Adult

A lady posing in a denim overall and black shirt

When it comes to summer dressing, we’re all about the one-and-done. Cocktail parties might call for a bright floral dress, or maybe the office has brought with it desires to live in that silk midi you can’t get enough of, we’re all about overalls for off-duty. And, might we add, the boundaries of what “off duty” means, come summer, are definitely extended well past that best friend brunch date on a Sunday.

This summer, we’re taking the childhood favorite and styling it for everything we can possibly think of. While we’re still slipping into our beloved jumpsuit for those weekend strolls, were also taking them out to dinner, on a date night (casual it might be!) and everywhere in-between. To prove it, we’ve found statement tops, whimsical shoes and various overall silhouettes that ensure this season is the summer of overalls. From the beach to the bar, here is the ultimate guide to our favorite denim jumpsuit.


One And Done

Go Sheer

Layer a sheer blouse underneath your overalls. Not only is it a great way to master the high-low look, but it’s also an excellent tactic for going sheer without revealing too much. Finish it off with accessories from both ends of the spectrum, with low-top canvas sneakers and an elevated handbag.

Try A Dress

Overalls are like nothing you remember from your childhood, especially when you adopt the more feminine dress silhouette. Keep it simple with an oversized white tee underneath, but add a cool bag and sunglasses to master that adult-in-overalls look.

Add A Statement Top

Let your top do the talking, complementing your classic black shorteralls like a pro. With a bibbed overall look, we particularly love blouses with sleeves that scream fashion.

Opt For The Classics

All stylish girls know that the most chic looks start with the classics. With a pair of perfectly slouchy—yet not too oversized—overalls, try layering a timeless navy-and-white striped tee underneath and slipping into a pair of white low-top sneakers. Finish off your look with Aviator-style sunglasses and you’re good to go, all summer long.

Keep It Monochrome

When it comes to sleek and stylish adult-wears, black is always a sophisticated choice. And, in the case of our favorite one-and-done jumpsuit, an all-black look ensures that even the most casual of styles looks more dressed up than ever.