The One Item Fashion Editors Won’t Wear To Holiday Parties

When it comes to holiday attire these days, pretty much anything goes. Truly! From denim to leggings, there’s a way to appear festive without looking overly done, if that’s what you’re angling for. Or if you prefer to embrace full-on glamour with a sequined jumpsuit or velvet number, that’s cool too. ‘Tis the season, and honestly, doing you is what’s most important. Which made us wonder—what wouldn’t a fashion editor wear to a holiday party? And what’s her must-have?

We polled Team Zoe to get to the bottom of it. We may collectively agree bandage dresses are passé, but a few other items top our no-go dressing lists as a matter of personal preference (like we said, do you). Also, find out the pieces we’re swapping for. Hint: Sequins are involved. Check them out here.

Sofie Valkiers. Photo: Getty Images

What Editors Will And Won't Wear To Holiday Parties

"I don't wear color at all. I feel uncomfortable in anything brighter than navy but, oddly enough, totally comfortable in all the sparkles. I stick to neutrals for holiday dressing and embellish with as many sequins as possible."

Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

"I'm basically always in a leather or denim jacket, but for holiday parties I opt for faux fur to dress up my look a bit! It's unexpected and insanely comfortable. Plus, leopard print is totally a neutral."

Alyson Fishbein, Senior Manager, Social Media

"I won't wear sequins to holiday parties, despite them being a hugely popular trend. The look is fun, but it's just not for me. Instead I'll pop on a pair of sparkly earrings or a necklace to add some flair to my outfit."

Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor

"Party dressing is all about feeling confident. I stay away from trousers and jumpsuits as they tend to drown my five-two frame (even though I love a chic wide-leg silhouette). Thus, minidresses are a foolproof choice for me. This romantic long-sleeved number with lace and ruffled trim is elegant and flirty."

Amy Lee, Fashion Editor

"I love a good party heel, but lately I've been drawn to luxe flats. I'm planning to wear these velvet loafer mules as much as possible with everything from a printed midi and cashmere knit to cropped denim with a silk blouse and statement earrings. Casual elegance is my 2017 holiday vibe.”

Laura Lajiness, Senior Fashion Editor

"As much as I love my denim, I actually avoid jeans entirely for holiday parties. I embrace any opportunity to dress up, so I'll opt for a fun skirt instead. I just got my hands on a colorful sequined midi that will definitely be my go-to as I navigate the party circuit."

Angela Melero, Managing Editor

"Every year I try and talk myself into doing a dramatic, shimmery smoky eye, and I chicken out, run out of time or end up looking like a chimney sweep. Instead, I rely on tying a black velvet ribbon around a ponytail for literally every party I go to. It's festive, impossible to mess up and available on Amazon Prime."

Nicky Deam, Editorial Director

"I detest heels in my day-to-day life, but you'll never catch me in a flat shoe at a holiday party. I live for the rare occasion in which I can pull a fun pair of heels out of the duster bag they've been waiting in so patiently all year long. This year I'll be donning a fuzzy pink pearlescent pair with a pink dress and red lip to match."

Kristin Mahler, Graphic Designer

"This is going to sound awful, but hear me out! I don't like to wear anything old for a holiday party—at least for the biggest one I have planned. I don't have many formal occasions to dress up for, so I love to treat myself to something fun and new that I wouldn't normally have a reason to buy. I'll pair it with simple accessories I already own, and ideally I'll find a few events the following year to repurpose the splurge."

Lauren Black, Content Analyst

"I don't like wearing dresses—I was forced into one too many holiday frocks as a kid—so instead I'll opt for a sequined jacket. It's festive and easily thrown over a pair of vintage jeans and a white T-shirt."

Aidan Macaluso, Associate Manager, Social Media

"I wouldn’t be caught dead in any heel shorter than three inches at a brunch date, let alone a holiday party. Because the sock boot has reached peak sartorial omnipresence this season, I can expect to get a few compliments with a crowd-pleasing fuchsia pair. I might just trade my everyday LBBs for them, too.”

Samantha McDonald, News Editor

"I wear lots of black and neutral colors for everyday, so I stay away from black for holiday parties. I gravitate toward anything in a bold jewel tone."

Marisa Runyon, Director of TV and Digital Video

“I love holiday parties—it's the only time of the year I can go all out with my glitziest pieces and nobody can question my outfit choices. You'll never catch me in jeans. We have our whole lives to wear jeans—I'd much rather wear something shiny or ballerina-inspired."

Stephanie Montes, Beauty Director