The Only 8 Pieces You Need To Look Like A Fashion Editor

Fashion editors are known for their discerning eye and styling prowess, but the key to channeling their sartorial polish is simpler than you may think. Often, wardrobe staples lay the groundwork for a winning look and take the guesswork out of dressing, and Misha Nonoo’s latest launch of the Easy 8 Collection accomplishes both. Comprising eight versatile pieces—a dress, blazer, pant, skirt, turtleneck, sleeveless shirt, button-down and jumpsuit—in a timeless black and white palette, each item serves as a building block to the perfectly edited wardrobe for a minimum of 22 different looks.

Whether you subscribe to the ease of a uniform or find yourself lacking sartorial inspiration, even the least likely of fashion girls can effortlessly assemble a fashion editor-worthy look with minimal effort. Can’t ask for more, right? Shop the collection ahead.

Courtesy of Misha Nonoo

The Easy Eight