This Jacket Will Completely Transform The Way You Get To Work

The evolution of wearable tech has finally started to reach a point where product offerings show promise to integrate seamlessly—that being the operative word—into one’s lifestyle. (In the early aughts, launches could feel gimmicky or on some level impractical). It’s no surprise then that the latest brainchild from Levi’s and Google would check all the boxes for a stylish, innovative and performance-driven garment that can actually transform how you get to work. Designed as part of Levi’s Commuter collection, which offers utilitarian clothing for the urban cyclist, their new denim trucker jacket is woven with conductive yarn (to enable interactivity) and features a detachable “smart tag” on the sleeve which the wearer can interact with to control a mobile device. Through a special app (and the smart tag), users can alter volume, field incoming calls, receive map directions and more with simple tapping motions—a total game-changer for those whose rely on a bike as their primary mode of transportation. Though we’ll have to wait until Spring 2017 for the jacket to hit the market, this latest stride in the function-meets-fashion movement ushers in (what we hope will be) a new wave of truly tech-savvy clothing. Watch the video below to see the jacket in action (and if you’re curious as to how it looks on a woman, see the end of this video for proof of its versatility).