How To Pick Out Your Own Bridesmaid Dress

Picking out your own bridesmaid dress based on the bride’s “colors” is the ultimate dream but this modern trend is also a lot of responsibility. You’ve got to satisfy the bride’s vision (don’t think she doesn’t have one) while also finding something you feel drop-dead gorgeous in. Here, a few ideas on how to navigate this tricky situation so that you can attend to other matters, like making sure you nail the reception toast.

Start With Your Skin Tone

The bride has been clear: it's all about the color. If you put effort into one thing, make it finding a dress in a hue that makes you look luminous and jives with the rest of the bridal party. (That is, if the bride has given you a palette to work from and not a specific swatch of color.)

Photo: @moniquelhuillier

Shop For Your Shape

The beauty of picking out your own dress is that you can find a frock that highlights your best features. Narrow down your search by focusing on one detail that will make you look like a million bucks.

Photo: @oscarprgirl

Think About The Location

From the silhouette of the dress to the level of wow-factor, the location of the wedding should give you clues as to what kind of dress is going to check all the boxes for you and the bride-to-be.

Photo: @officialdelpozo

Do Your Homework

Thinking of buying a maxi dress but pretty sure everyone is going short? Not sure if your version of "cocktail attire" is the same as the rest of the crew? Always ask the bride of her opinion before purchasing your dress.

Photo: @verawanggang

Consider A Back-Up Option

If the bride hasn't seen all of her bridesmaids assembled together before the big day, consider bringing a back-up dress for last-minute changes. It's not a requirement by any means but, you never know, it just might save the day.

Photo: @maisonvalentino

Make Sure You Can Wear It Again

Every bride hopes that her bridesmaids will love wearing their dresses after the wedding is over but that's rarely the way the cookie crumbles. The freedom to pick your own is an opportunity to make her wish (and yours) come true.

Photo: @honornyc