Holiday Shopping From Your Phone Just Got Way Easier

With the holiday season hot on our heels, even the savviest of shoppers are starting to feel a smidgen of stress about sourcing the perfect present for each family member and friend. Awesome news: Apple is launching a new Shopping app category that will literally take the legwork out of procuring the most covetable of gifts. Yep, there’s an App Store for that.

Available to all iOS users November 5 (plenty of time to prep your list for Black Friday and Cyber Monday), the Shopping section will host a variety of apps, from e-commerce to deals—think Amazon, Etsy, Target, Groupon and LivingSocial to name a few. The number of consumers opting to shop from their phone this year is expected to jump, so we think Apple may have set a new precedent for thoughtful and painless gift-giving this season that’s beneficial for consumer and retailer alike. Count us in.