Guy-Approved Gifts He’s Bound To Love

by The Zoe Report

Summer offers a host of occasions to spoil the important guys in your life. What better way to ensure you’re giving them what they really want than to consult a trusty group of dudes? Here, the men of Team Zoe share the stylish Coach gifts they’d love to give and receive—use this as inspiration if you’re still seeking the perfect Father’s Day present.

Gifts He'll Love

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"Hint to Rachel—I'd love these matching father/son gloves for Skyler, Kaius and I for Father's Day." —Rodger Berman, Co-CEO

"You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses when you live in LA—more is more. These would be a great addition to anyone's collection." —Rodger Berman, Co-CEO

"This shape is really on-trend, and the elevated two-toned leather makes it both work- and adventure-appropriate." —Jordan Silver, Manager of Brand Marketing & Partnerships

"My dad has a collection of baseballs signed by classic players like Willie Mays. I would love to add this Dodgers baseball to his collection as a reminder of all of the games we used to go to together when I was a kid." —Jordan Silver, Manager of Brand Marketing & Partnerships

"After spending so much time in NYC you get used to seeing the Yankees logo, so much so it becomes part of the visual tapestry of the city. Just seeing it now reminds me of the great times I've had there. I think this wallet would be a stylish memento for anyone who has also fallen for the city's many seductive charms." —Gavin Rea, Interactive Project Manager

"Timepieces by name are truly timeless. No matter his style, this watch will match any guy's look." —Gavin Rea, Interactive Project Manager

"Never leave the house without your cards, phone and keys. It’s 2016: bulky wallets are no longer required." —Tom Balamaci, General Manager

"My brother-in-law headlines a punk band, so this is the only glove worthy of gifting my nephew for playing catch with his badass dad." —Tom Balamaci, General Manager

"Every guy (especially a young dad) needs a bag like this to quickly pack and go, whether it's for an afternoon in the park or out to a ball game." —Scott Riddell, West Coast Sales Director

"Any guy up in the Bay will appreciate this baseball paperweight. With some of the more loyal and ravenous fans in the league, SF dads will keep this for life." —Scott Riddell, West Coast Sales Director

"An awesome bag for any techie—I would totally trade in my current backpack for this sweet upgrade." —Adrian Boisclair, Web Developer

"It's hard to find a wallet that makes me feel well-put-together, but this fits the bill. I think it'd be perfect for any guy who appreciates sophisticated-yet-wearable everyday style." —Adrian Boisclair, Web Developer