The Best Gift For Every Kind Of Graduate

Nothing screams adulting! more than the symphonic instrumentation of “Pomp and Circumstance” blaring through speakers on Graduation Day. Once students get their diplomas, they’re symbolically thrust into the real world where people actually have to do their own laundry and learn how to budget their paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyles. Luckily the post-grad experience does have its perks, whether that’s securing one’s first real job or gearing up for a cross-country move. It all starts with the celebration itself, in which graduates become not only the center of attention but also the recipient of many a gift in recognition of their years-long accomplishment. Ahead, a roundup of presents for every type of graduate—from the budding entrepreneur to the one who just wants to get away from it all.

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The Best Grad Gifts

For The Chic Jet-Setter

It's got a portable charger for your phone and comes in the perfect shade of pink—great for those traveling on low battery, and even better for capturing Instagram-worthy pics.

For The Fashionable Altruist

A portion of proceeds benefit the Kind Campaign, a nonprofit that aims to end girl-against-girl bullying.

For The Social Media Queen

A must-have for the one whose Instagram skills rival that of a Kardashian.

For The 9-To-5 Worker

Because the only way to survive a real workday is to chug those espressos like they're beers at a frat party.

For The Tropical Vacationer

This cover-up can easily go from beachside retreat to Ibiza-level dance festival.

For The No-More-Ramen Epicure

They've graduated from the microwave to the oven, so give the gift of Chrissy Teigen and her drool-inducing (yet surprisingly simple) recipes.

For The Punctual Millennial

No, it's not an oxymoron. Times are a-changin', so give something that can help them keep track of just that.

For The City Commuter

After all, nobody likes to hear the screeching of subway tracks or the honking of car horns on the daily commute.

For The Dutiful Intern

Reaching for those busted flats will be a thing of the past when you give heels that balance comfort and style.