6 Things To Gift Yourself Today

For many, Christmas Day is filled with food, family and, best of all, gifts. At this point, you’ve probably got a nice little pile of cash and gift cards from Grandma and other generous relatives that’s already burning a hole in your wallet. But what to buy with all that holiday loot? Well, since we’re all about providing solutions to shopping dilemmas, we want to give you our pared-down list of practical post-holiday buys that can be done from the comfort of your couch … so you can leave on those snowflake-printed pajama pants and live your best life.

Homepage Image: @ChriselleLim

A Cozy Coat

Believe it or not, spring wares will be hitting shelves in a matter of weeks, so stocking up on marked-down outerwear is a solid idea. Go ahead, pick up that luxe coat you've been eyeing all season.

A NYE Outfit

Admit it: New Year's Eve is in a matter of days and you have yet to get an outfit. Score a sparkly number while the after-Christmas sales are still on!

Festive Decor For Next Year

This is a no-brainer. The pricey, chic holiday decor that was full-price last week is definitely marked down at least 50% today. And although you can't really use it until next year, at least you'll be ahead of the game.

Workout Clothes

January 1 and all its resolutions will be in full swing in just a few days. Nothing motivates us to work out like a winning outfit, so grab a chic pair of leggings or workout top to get you in the mood to amp up your fitness routine.

A Great Pair Of Boots

Again, spring apparel and accessories will be upon us soon, so stock up on winter gear while it's still here (and heavily discounted). A cool pair of boots is another safe bet.


Loading up on solid basics like denim is smart, as lots of brands are marking down apparel by quite a bit. Keep an eye out for online retailers offering discounts on their entire site (and not just seasonal sale items) so you can get evergreen essentials that will take you into the warmer seasons.