What To Buy For The Friend Who Has “Everything”

With the holiday season looming ever closer, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy for those who matter to you most. Now you may have a person or two on your list who is “tough to shop for.” I have been told that I indeed fall into this category. People have told me that I “have everything” and am “impossible to buy presents for,” and so I’m just going to say this once and for all for every woman who has been unfairly thrust into this group: You’re not trying hard enough. There, I said it. I, for one, love fashion, books and literally anything with a monogram on it. I like anything that relates to skiing or surfing or even snow or water. Yes, I have a soft spot for a designer purse, but I also collect magnets. And almost nothing brings me more joy than a color-coordinated bag of gummies. I also like anything—ANYTHING—that is meaningful: a framed photo, a reference to an inside joke or a memory shared, a gift that shows the person knows me, that someone is paying attention. I am not impossible to shop for if you give it a little thought, and I’m venturing to guess the people on your list aren’t either. And so, in the name of everyone who has been lumped into this unjust category, I present you with a few impactful gifts for the person in your life who just may require a little extra thought. After all, aren’t they worth it?

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For The Girl Who Has Everything...

Pajama Set

I don’t know your friends, but I know everyone on your list sleeps and therefore needs something to sleep in (unless they’re a sleep-in-the-nude kinda person in which case I can’t help you). Who wouldn’t love receiving an adorable pair of pajamas? Even if they don’t deem themselves a “pajama set” sort of gal, I would bet that’s because they don’t own a set, not because they wouldn’t enjoy having one. I personally love how easy a pair of pajamas makes packing sleepwear—throw one in your bag, and you’re done. Sleepy Jones makes a wide and super-chic assortment of pjs for men and women. There are classic options, ginghams, stripes, prints, plaids and everything else you can think of. Even better, the pajama-dressing trend is still a "thing," so the gift receiver can get double use out of the pieces–although we suggest they wear either the pant or the top outside the house, not the two of them together. Do that and people may think you’re sleepwalking.

Monogrammed Bag (or Blanket)

As mentioned, I am a monogram enthusiast, but I think most—or at least many—women love to receive a piece with their initials on it. There’s just something preppy fabulous about it. Rae Feather’s handcrafted basket bags are sturdy, useful, adorable and truly special when hand-painted with a loved one’s favorite colors and initials. They make awesome beach bags, but even if you’re friend doesn’t live on a coast, they’re great everyday carryalls or can double as a magazine holder in your home. And if bags won’t work, Rae Feather also does cozy throws that can also be personalized. I practically guarantee a thrilled gift receiver with either of these.

Unique Sweater

Rachelle Hruska’s Lingua Franca collection started out as an accident when she sewed the word “Booyah” onto a cashmere sweater last winter. The rest is social media history: She posted it on her Instagram, people liked it, and a business was spontaneously born. Her sweaters—all 100% cashmere—are each hand-sewn with a hip-hop phrase, making them ideal for the music-loving friend in your group. Or just the friend with great style and a cool sense of humor. Some of the phrases Hruska has used include “Old School,” “Can’t Fake The Funk,” and "Don’t Believe The Hype.” There is even one emblazoned with “I Miss The Old Kanye.” (Don’t we all?) During the election, Hruska went political, inscribing “I’m With Her” and “Love Trumps Hate” on a few special pieces. Grab one for the liberal-and-still-depressed gal in your group. Because Lingua Franca is the opposite of mass produced, there aren’t a ton out there, which makes them a particularly special and original gift for the cool girl in your squad (they even take special orders if you want to customize your own).


Gourmet Candy

Any fashion girl will likely respond to the impeccable packaging, dreamy colors and absolutely amazing flavors (Birthday Cake Caramels, Champagne Bears, Rose All Day Bears, Chocolate Bacon Pretzels, Mint Chip Milkshake Malt Balls, Pale Ale Pints and so on and so on) of Sugarfina candy. Just try to choose your faves–a nearly impossible task—to create the most delectable, gorgeous and yummy bento box for the sweets-loving person on your list. See ya box of chocolates—you've been replaced.

Customized Accessory

Like I said, a thoughtful, poignant gift is always the best option, which is why Anya Hindmarch’s customizable accessories are a frustrated gift-giver’s prayers answered. There are keepsake boxes with hidden photos on the inside, card cases, passport holders, change purses and more—all of which can not only be customized with the saying of your choice, but they can actually be inscribed in your handwriting. Have an inside joke or nickname for each other? Write it down, and the Hindmarch engraving experts will make sure it is transformed into a permanent, meaningful memory. Fair warning: This gift may cause the receiver to tear up.