This Trend Used To Be Cheesy, But Now It’s Insanely Chic

Do you remember your first high-end bag? We do. It was emblazoned with a logo (a repeating one at that) and we toted it proudly. How else would anyone know it was designer? Logos were the coolest of cool. Then at a certain point in fashion, a shift occurred and overtly branded goods began to feel less than chic—on the precipice of tacky even. But not anymore. For fall, designers want you and everyone else to know you’re wearing their label, be it via ornamented lettering or a subtle monogram. See Raf Simons’ understated designs for Calvin Klein in which a tiny 205 (denoting the address of the brand’s New York City offices) is stitched onto a range of clothing. Or branded baubles like Saint Laurent’s monogram earrings and necklaces. The street style set is swarming with logos in full view—Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton some of the most notable. It’s that good taste/bad taste juxtaposition that’s not only cool again, but super fun (in small doses, that is). Here, shop our edit of the chicest ways to embrace the new logo mania.

Adam Katz Sinding

Logo Mania