The One Piece You Should Buy In November, According To Your Sign

The year is creeping ever closer toward the holidays, which means we should probably be saving every penny possible to spend on others (it’s the giving season after all) or on a vacation (in the interest of maintaining our sanity). Still, it’s hard not to shop when the temp is dipping and an increasing number of layers are required. So, we did some tough work on your behalf and narrowed a seemingly endless list of November must-haves down to the one piece you need this month, according to your sign. Here, our astrology-based picks.

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The ONLY Piece You Need This Month

As it's your birthday month, Scorpio gals, you'll need something special to wear to the festivities. How perfect are these disco-reminiscent earrings for the occasion(s)?

Sagittarius ladies are ready to upgrade after a long period of penny-pinching. No need to go crazy, however, as you don't want to blow your newfound cash the second it hits your account. Treat yourself to a new handbag, like this Coach cross-body.

Capricorns need to spend the month focusing on their non-romantic relationships. For girls' night out, you can't go wrong with a simple but updated leather jacket look.

For Aquarius girls, November is all about making big career moves. We suggest you invest in a fall-perfect blazer as a go-to for interviews and other professional opportunities.

We don't want to be a bad influence on your finances, but it seems Pisces are about to receive an unexpected influx. We suggest a splurge—the Gigi boot, maybe?

For Aries women, November is all about managing money; however, there may be a bonus or other financial windfall in store this month as well. In the interest of balance, we suggest saving while celebrating—treat yourself to this adorable (and affordable) bucket bag.

Taurus girls will be making big leaps in their romantic relationships this month. Just in case this doesn't translate into being the specific step forward (ahem) you want to be making, however, we'd like to remind you that you can always buy your own bling.

Geminis will be the center of attention this month, most likely for their creative endeavors. We think this means you need a statement coat, stat.

Lucky Cancer gals have a romantic month in store. We suggest you splurge on this lovely lace number in order to fully embody the starry-eyed nights ahead.

Normally outgoing Leos will be sticking close to home this month, which means it's time to cozy up with a sweater. As you never blend into the background, however, we're going to go ahead and pick one that makes a subtle statement.

Virgos will be traveling this month, and nothing's better for a long flight than a comfy and warm sweater dress.

November is going to be an incredibly sexy month for Libras, and it "might well be one of your favorites for enjoying outstanding episodes of love," according to astrologist Susan Miller. This calls for diamonds, no?