PSA: You Can Now Get Gucci Delivered In 90 Minutes

We’re all privy to and have grown greatly accustomed to the wonder that is Amazon Prime (and in major cities, the same-day delivery service, Prime Now). And as of today, one of fashion’s most coveted brands is offering a similarly instantaneous service: 90-minute Gucci delivery courtesy of the online retailer Farfetch. Yes, this is real life. Spanning ten cities globally, Gucci clothing, handbags and accessories are available store-to-door, from the time an order is placed to the delivery of purchase.

“Time is the new luxury and one that we all want more of,” said José Neves, CEO and founder of Farfetch, in a press release. “At Farfetch we want to give that luxury back to our customers by making as many delivery options available as possible. If you need just the right dress or pair of shoes for dinner that night, we can make sure you have it wherever you are.”

While it now seems like a luxury we can no longer live without, this essentially means Gucci is on-demand—and our bank accounts are in serious jeopardy.