7 Bad Shopping Habits To Break By Your 30s

It’s no secret that we’re very fond of shopping—there’s nothing more thrilling than adding new, coveted pieces to our wardrobe. However, along with an ardent love of purchasing come bad habits that result in more buyer’s remorse than satisfaction. To avoid impulsive shopping benders and buying items that end up never seeing the light of day, we’ve come up with seven amateur blunders to quit ASAP. Here, our easy solutions to ensure you’re absolutely happy with everything you score going forward.

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Shopping No-Nos

Of-the-moment pieces are obviously important for a stylish wardrobe, but it's easy to go overboard with them at affordable high-street stores. Contain the temptation by being strict on which trendy items you bring home. Only choose standout styles that are guaranteed to elevate your wardrobe rather than unnecessarily fill it up with pieces that may only be worn once.

There's nothing more disappointing than realizing your new shoes are giving you painful blisters and cutting off all circulation in your feet. Avoid this mishap by taking your time and walking around the store for a few minutes to truly get a sense of comfort and fit before purchasing. If you order online, walk in them at home before deciding if you want to keep or send back.

Always remember to check the return policy. It's never fun trying to charm the sales associate into allowing you to return an item when it's clearly past the deadline, and a lot of retailers don't take back worn pieces such as jewelry and shoes. Also, be wary of the store's policy on damaged items.

As tempting as it is, no good can come from online shopping on a whim at 2am with a glass of wine in hand. Refrain from purchasing when you're "in the moment," as this will likely end up with you buying far too many items you simply don't need. If you do fly off the handle? Luckily, you're already familiar with the return policy.

If scoring essential staples like a good pair of jeans or a warm sweater is on the agenda, do not get distracted by the trend items. Yes, they are often more fun to shop for, but practical pieces are far more worthwhile as they provide a sound foundation for your wardrobe.

Don't buy just to buy. You should fork over your hard-earned money on something you're ecstatic about—a piece you know you'll adore and wear multiple times. This rings true especially during a sale. Don't purchase mediocre wares and accessories just because it's a good deal.

If you're about to commit to a luxe item, think about it extra carefully. It's okay to take a week or even a month to decide if you really want to pay the hefty price. Take time to evaluate its quality and longevity before making the big purchase.