This Color Looks Amazing On Literally Everyone

Yellow is one of those colors that intimidates people. It’s bright as can be and can feel challenging to pull off. Likely the last shade one with a predilection for neutrals would reach for, it’s also often overlooked by color fanatics who instead reach for safer bolds like red or cobalt. The reality, however, is that yellow has the potential to look incredible on everyone—we’re talking all the skin tones—and it happens to be a major trend for summer. Pulling it off is simply a matter of selecting the right shade for your complexion. Fair? Go with a pastel. Medium or olive? Warm, golden tones are the ticket. Dark? A vibrant chartreuse is stunning. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, our edit of yellow pieces ahead is filled with styles guaranteed to look amazing on you.

Helena Bordon. Photo: Getty Images

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow