These Are The Perfect Straight-Leg Jeans For You

A brunette woman in a white shirt and perfect straight-leg jeans walking down a street

Once upon a time, straight-leg, ’90s-esque mom jeans were the stuff of Saturday Night Live fodder: outdated, out of fashion and decidedly uncool. Well, those days are clearly behind us as the vintage-inspired straight jean has made its way back into fashion’s good graces and returned to wardrobe staple status. You can hardly scroll through your feeds without seeing a celebrity or style star rocking the revived silhouette and, thanks to denim designers, these days you can choose rigid, non-stretch options or more contoured pairs that flatter your bod. The choice is yours; it is 2017, after all. With a more relaxed, effortless feel than its ubiquitous skinny predecessor, this shape is destined to become your new go-to. If you’re ready to set your style straight, look ahead for 13 of our favorite finds on offer now.

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Super Straight-Leg Styles