The One Bag That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

A woman in a blue button-up shirt and white pants walking down the sidewalk during the summer

Searching for a practical, work-friendly carryall can leave a fashion girl feeling unamused. For the most part, bag trends worth getting excited over pertain to the cross-body or shoulder variety. But lately, shopper-style totes—which offer a bit more structure and support than a typical tote or hobo—have piqued our interest. Designers have adorned them with eye-catching logos, while retailers are offering them in cooler fabrics and prints worth noticing. For once, these upgraded totes are meant to take center stage as part of the ensemble, not as an afterthought merely for schlepping along what doesn’t fit in your microbag (read: everything). They make lugging along a laptop, lunch, makeup bag and whatever else you need to tackle the day feel chic, not like a chore.


Totes For Days