Gorgeous Evening Coats To Wear With Your Holiday Attire

We love dolling up for the holidays. From dresses to jumpsuits to accessories, we’re for it all—we’ve even mastered ways to gussy up our leggings. It takes one item to tie it all together, however: a perfect evening coat.

Somehow, it’s more difficult to find a topper that suits your festive attire, especially one that doesn’t cost your entire holiday bonus. But guess what? A coat befitting your most elegant ensemble is more attainable than you think. Want ribbon detailing? We got it. Thinking an opulent fabric like velvet or satin is your look? We’ve culled several. Fanatical for faux fur? Man, oh man, we’ve discovered a range.

To give your holiday outfit the finish it deserves, shop our edit of gorgeous evening coats ahead, starting at $48. Yeah, baby.

Candela Novembre. Photo: Getty Images.

Festive Coats For The Holiday Season

A black faux-fur-accented maxi coat is classic glamour.

Smarten up metallic with a tailored silhouette.

Faux fur with a bow is at once cozy and darling.

We love a kimono style with beading.

Winter white never looked so glam.

A frilled hem in pale pink is totally unexpected.

Go luxe in dusty rose velvet.

Clearly, we're proponents of the faux-fur collar.

Does this scream spirited, or what?

A cropped faux fur delivers Old Hollywood vibes.

A cinched waist adds elegance to every evening look.

We call this coat a wardrobe must.

Brocade was made for after-hours.

Minimalists will love a slim satin topper.

Classic navy gets the high-wattage treatment.

Metallic fringe is the epitome of festive (weather-permitting).

Meet our dream coat.

A trench can go formal in opulent velvet.

Hi, you are perfect.

We call this an evening showstopper.