The Most Flattering Coats For Your Body Type

Because winter requires such an abundance of layers, you can easily read puffy marshmallow if you aren’t careful. Here’s the rule to remember: You want your coat, the main component of your cold-weather ensemble, to be as flattering as possible. Ahead, check out our selection of chic toppers—organized by body type—to find the option that perfectly complements your frame.

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Flattering Coats

You have: a curvy frame with proportionate shoulders and hips, accentuated by a narrow midsection.

Look for: a wrap coat with a belt to define the waistline.

You have: a small frame and a height of five four or less.

Look for: a cropped topper, whether it's head-turning faux fur or a classic peacoat.

You have: wider hips and a smaller waist and shoulders.

Look for: contrasting statement collars that draw attention to the upper body.

You have: a tall, slender frame.

Look for: long overcoats with cool details or color blocking to add interest.

You have: a fuller midsection and wide shoulders.

Look for: A-line silhouettes to slim the waist.