This Is Summer’s Version Of The Little Black Dress

A woman with short hair wearing a black, strapless corset top with black pants while walking the str...

The little black dress has always been an iconic item for women, to the point to where it’s hard not to sound cliché when describing it. From Audrey Hepburn’s number in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Alexander Wang’s cool-girl versions on the runway, the concept has withstood the test of time and trends. Its equal measure of ease and sophistication has been hard to rival with any other garment and its ability to be reinvented has yet to run out. But in these modern times, a little black jumpsuit might just be the next best thing for the modern woman. There, we said it. In instances where dresses can feel stiff or stale, a jumpsuit exudes an inexplicable factor of coolness. Think about it: Picturing a little black dress typically conjures up formal affairs or office settings. A black jumpsuit, on the other hand, has a place in more casual atmospheres as well, like rooftop brunches and date nights in the city. A true chameleon for accessories, we can’t help but further envision all the cool ways a little black jumpsuit can be worn, particularly in the summer. For an outdoor picnic or farmer’s market stroll, there can’t possibly be anything chicer than a linen style with a little straw bag and espadrilles. For a city escape, a cotton number with comfy sneakers delivers the right amount of edginess and practicality. We see fitted, cut-out jumpsuits with platform heels as your go-to for rooftop soirees. (On that note, we love the idea of a silky style with jewels dripping from your ear, so you can truly glisten on a warm summer night.) Sure, a black dress might work similarly in any of these scenarios. Still, it lacks that je ne sais quois of its pants-infused counterpart. Plus, it’s hard to compete with the comfort factor of a jumpsuit, as even loose, slouchy styles offer a streamlined effect. They can lengthen the body via a wide leg or be made sexy with a well-placed cut out. Ultimately, we’re not saying LBJs can ever replace LBDs, but they do feel like the most interesting option to throw on this season, while still looking put together. No matter your style or occasion, take your pick from the endless options below.


Jumpsuits For Days

Exactly what we pictured for a summertime market vibe.

Make this one casual or formal, depending on the shoes.

Pretty details do the accessorizing for you here.

Your It-girl version.

This style might be daring, but it’s tempered by the casual feel.

Ruffles offer a flirty touch.

Your warm-weather staple.

Summer’s version of dressing up.

The perfect candidate for desk to dinner.

Sleek and simple.

The sweet detail on the sleeves makes all the difference.

The definition of an LBJ.

Your lady-like option.

For lazy weekend outings (and lounging).

A coverup that can still be dressed up.

An ultra-comfy jersey option.

A minimalist’s dream.

This one has a particularly professional appeal.

Comfort is key.

These 3/4-length sleeves are so versatile.