Amazon Just Solved Your Biggest Online Shopping Problem

Although a significant 96% of Americans shop online, the purchase model remains far from perfect. With additional shipping costs, delivery wait time and potentially confusing return processes, some of us unsurprisingly still prefer the more traditional brick-and-mortar shopping experience. This is especially true for those whose sizes fluctuate, fit is dependent upon material or even those who simply want to see what works with their current wardrobe, making the whole online thing a hassle when it’s supposed to emphasize convenience.

Enter Amazon’s latest and perhaps most revolutionary launch to us sartorial savants: Prime Wardrobe. The new program allows customers to physically try on clothing ordered straight from the website and shipped directly to their doors—minus the upfront cost. Basically it works like this: You select three to 15 items of your favorite brands, like Theory and Levi’s (or anything denoted as Prime Wardrobe-eligible), and Amazon will send you those selections in a resealable return box with a prepaid shipping label. You try them on for size. You model them in front of your home mirror. You pair them with existing outfits from your closet. Then you keep what you want and throw the rest back into the box to leave at your front door.

If that ease isn’t enticing enough, the pricing might be: Amazon will give you a 10% discount if you keep two to three pieces, and 20% for four or more pieces! You have a week to make the decision, with shipping free both ways, and you’re obviously only charged for what you keep. The service is free for Prime members, and while it’s currently in beta version, you can sign up here to get notified upon its launch. This time, retail might really never be the same again.