Alexa Chung Created A Fashion App (And We’re Obsessed)

Alexa Chung has big news: She is the cofounder and “secret mastermind” behind Villoid, the just-launched fashion app that will change the way you shop. Users can follow top brands like Acne, Opening Ceremony, Stella McCartney (and more), create Pinterest-like style mood boards using photos and products, connect with stylish people and even buy designer clothing and accessories featured on the app. Villoid isn’t the first of its kind to take the isolation out of online purchasing. Apps like Net-a-porter’s The Net Set and Spring have also played a big part in creating a new “buying” experience for users by integrating shopping with social media. We’re totally on board, because any girl will admit it’s more fun to shop with her friends.

A user’s style board on Villoid

Ready to meet “your very own endless dressing up box”? Click here to downloaded Villoid for free. Then, tell us what you think about Alexa Chung’s new app on Twitter at @thezoereport.