Sexy Halloween Costumes That AREN’T Played Out

Just because it’s Halloween, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate (or cute) to let it all hang out. You know what we’re talking about—the costumes that consist of only a sparkly bra, tutu and sheer thigh highs. It’s more than fine to want to look and feel sexy in your costume, they key is to be tasteful while doing it. To ensure you’re looking sultry not skanky, let us lend a helping hand. Here, 5 costumes that deliver sex appeal in a cool-girl way.


Stick to the golden rule: Never expose all of your assets at once. Pick a region and highlight it.


A thigh-grazing robe and statement heels show just enough skin to pull off this geisha look.

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw is already as sexy as it gets, but to give you that extra edge, swap her classic look's pink tank for this plunging neckline bodysuit.

Ring Leader

Skin tight high-waisted pants, lace up booties and a fitted jacket? Talk about body conscious. What you wear underneath the jacket? We'll leave that up to you (insert winking emoji.)

Gossip Girl

Button your shirt half way, knot it up to make it cropped and you're already (okay, almost) as sexy as Serena Van Der Woodsen. Stiletto over the knee boots only add to the mysteriousness of this preppy school girl look.

Sailor Moon

Tuck the shirt in, tie the scarf around your neck and rock those heels with that mini skirt. Sailor Moon to the rescue.