Selah Marley's Dior Haute Couture Day Includes An Omelet & Great Heels

The singer breaks down her quarantine routine and how she's tuning into fashion from home.

Courtesy Selah Marley

Haute Couture is generally best enjoyed up close and personal. With hundreds of hours of labor going into the intricate weaving, beading, and millinery, you want the chance to zoom in on all of the details. But this year, Paris' streets are empty and show-goers are tuning in from home. For musical artist Selah Marley, that means enjoying Dior's Haute Couture show over breakfast.

Marley has been holed up in her NYC apartment during quarantine, and while she first caved to the baby-tee-and-sweats aesthetic, she explains, "I realized how depressively mundane that is." And so, she began a new challenge: dressing with intention. "I just realized and remembered how much joy I find in beautifying myself and expressing myself through my garb; so I now always have a different look. All things considered, thank God for social media because I've now found a way to still share my style with the world and my friends every single day." For the day of the show, that meant styling Dior's J'adior heels with a leather skirt, black-long sleeve top, layered gold jewelry, and Dior beauty, too. It's an ensemble that's sophisticated enough to fly in the front row, but also maintains the at-home casual-cool appeal.

Below, learn more about Marley's home, style, and routine over the last year and see how she took in Dior's Haute Couture show all from the comfort of her home.

Courtesy Selah Marley

How would you describe your apartment's aesthetic?

"It's always changing, but I would describe my current home decor style as minimalist, modern, and a tad brutalist. I'm deeply in love with my sheepskin Restoration Hardware couch although it tends to absorb my bodily fluids, which subsequently destroys the fur, it's a beauty nonetheless!

As I've recently downsized to a one [bedroom apartment], my favorite place to work and relax in my house is my living room! I've gotten pretty good at switching between work mode and relax mode at the switch of a laptop. With that being said, I have an absolutely gorgeous view of the bridge and skyline and I can't help but be stunned every dawn and every dusk. It's genuinely breathtaking to take in such a vivid picture of nature."

Courtesy Selah Marley

What is your beauty routine? Any favorite products?

"Typically, I start by showering (of course) and then immediately lather my body in an oil/lotion mix to soak up all the moisture. Afterward, I focus on my face. Disclaimer: I tend to switch my routines up whenever I run out of the product, so I'll tell you my current routine. I wash my face with a Kojic acid cleanser to help with hyperpigmentation. However, I do plan to stop using it once the hyperpigmentation has been healed because it does eventually lighten skin and that is not my intended goal. After that, I spray my face with Heritage Store Rosewater (can be found at Whole Foods) and follow a similar regimen as my body, using a face oil that's not too thick and sealing that moisture with a good face lotion. I'm currently using Farmacy Daily Greens oil-free gel moisturizer and a peptide eye cream (that I'm currently forgetting the name of)."

Courtesy Selah Marley

What is your go-to snack or drink to curl up with?

"Right now, I've actually been focusing on cooking for myself, so I'll probably be preparing a little meal before the show! Since the show will be taking place in the morning (NY time), I'll probably make myself a cute breakfast. Some of my favorite breakfast foods to cook include: loaded baked potato, cheesy omelets, parfait with brown sugar and various fruits, BEC in an english muffin, and sliced avocado. I like to keep it quick and simple!"

Have you picked up any new hobbies during your time at home?

"In a way, yes! I wouldn't say hobbies just yet, but being home has seriously allowed me to hone in on my crafts in unimaginable ways just because of the lessened distractions. I definitely think I've become a way better, more detailed artist since quarantine began because I've just been given way more focus time and I figure I might as well use it wisely.

Another incentive is that being as though we're ALL home, consumers are more attached to art and entertainment than ever; so I just want to make sure I'm always giving them high-quality work."

Courtesy Selah Marley

What fashion trend are you excited to try this year and what are you ready to give up?

"I'm super excited to start dressing a little more feminine and upscale. I think I'm ready to give up my inner tomboy. I was a tomboy for a long time — baggy clothes, graphic tees, and kicks forever; but I think I'm ready to give that a break for a little bit. I'll forever wear baby tees — can't give that up just yet, but I do want to focus on wearing more formal and feminine clothes this year."