Hammock Time

by Tyler Love

Can you envision a more perfect summer day than one spent sprawled out in a luxurious hammock, shaded from the sun, listening to your favorite tunes or reading a good book? I can’t! Say hello to my new outdoor obsession: Royal Botania‘s Wave Hammock…the ultimate warm weather accessory.

Titled the Wave for its ocean-like design, this majestic backyard piece doubles as a lounge seat and a work of art. Featuring stainless steel, perforated fabric and a creatively crafted roof that blocks out 86 percent of the sun’s rays, you can lie back in the Wave and feel like you’re relaxing beneath a leafy tree. Next level. Crazy work week? De-stress in the comfort of your own backyard by climbing into a cozy hammock clad in lounge pants, a loose knit and oversized sunnies! xoRZ

Availability: Royal Botania Wave Hammock ($23,000). For additional information and a list of retailers, visit Royalbotania.com.

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