Rock Your Ruffles

by The Zoe Report

Just because the chilly winter weather is upon us, there is no reason to dress down. On the contrary, we should all look for ways to give our outfits an added boost of drama. Let’s start with Moschino’s Ruffle Blazer for that always-needed element of glamour.

In step with fashion’s frill craze, this jaw-dropping jacket features black silk trim and a pretty bow to define the waist…it is kind of like beautiful wrapping on a holiday gift :). The key to rocking something voluminous on top is to balance it out with something body-conscious on bottom, i.e. try today’s unique blazer with skinny black trousers or a sleek pencil skirt. Ruffles are one of many trends that will carry over from fall to spring, so invest in them now and flaunt them for months to come…need I say more? xoRZ

Availability: Moschino Ruffle Blazer ($2735, 212.243.8600). For additional retailer information, visit Moschino.com.